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Grass Roots

Gil Reno, Missionary with American Sunday School Union (now InFaith) organized the Bayview Community Sunday School in October 1972 appointing Joe Dobias and wife to leadership.

Gene Lewin, also of the American Sunday School Union, followed that ministry maintaining a Bible Study for some time.

The Ministry Grows

In 1981 Rich Bath, of American Missionary Fellowship (formerly the American Sunday School Union) rekindled the ministry with a Bible study meeting in a local home.

The following year, September 1982, Jim Hubiak devoloped this group into a house church meeting in their home until church growth (30+ people!) necessitated moving to the Bayview Community Hall.

When that building was ultimately condemned, the church moved to an old schoolhouse on HWY 95.

The construction of a new Community Center in Bayview brought the group back into town.

Pastor Jim was followed by Michael Schrindl (December 1997 - March 1998).

Then area missionary with American Missionary Fellowship, Randy Anderson agreed to fill the need for a pastor- first temporarily, then permanently.

The church grew significantly under the headship of Randy, developing into a self-suppporting ministry active in the community as well as in sending out missionaries local and abroad.

Ben McLachlan accepted the call to serve following Randy in November 2011, until resigning in August, 2016 due to poor health.

Present Day

Currently the church is being served by temporary preachers and the volunteer efforts of the elder board, seeking God's timing and direction for a future shepherd.

Many, many faithful Christians have made, and continue to make, this church a growing, thriving component of the Body of Christ.