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Deaconesses, in cooperation with the Deacons, provide for various areas of service and leadership in the church. Areas of responsibility and administration includes: visitation of the sick, help in preparation of communion, help in fellowship dinners, service to the poor, widows, orphans, needy, and other such delegated duties from the Elder Board. 

Deacons and Deaconesses are the "hands" and "feet" of the Body of Christ, attending to the physical needs of the church.

Current Deaconesses:

Bruce & Judy Robinson


Jorja Auten

Terry and Jorja are charter members of the church. Each is very active in the church and devoted to living out the Christian faith.

Interests: fitness & sightseeing across this great country.

Jack & Michal Critchfield


Michal Critchfield (Secretary)

Jack and Michal's smiling faces are probably the first of many you will see when you visit the church as they welcome you in and give you a church bulletin.

Interests: gardening and her new puppy.

Charlotte Hooper


Charlotte Hooper (Chair)

Charlotte is active in multiple ministries both in the church and outside.

Interests: continuing education and home remodel.

Patty Kirk


Patty Kirk

John and Patty offer genuine encouragment to everyone they meet.

Interests: yardwork and continue to learn about our Lord and Savior.

Bruce & Judy Robinson


Judy Robinson

Brucy and Judy are well known around Bayview for their gracious spirit, generousity, and willing service in any way they can!

Interests: gardening, sewing, and needle-point.

Bruce & Judy Robinson


Patty Wilkie

Alvin and Patty know church ministry from the inside out, filling a wide variety of roles as needed.

Interests: crocheting and knitting.