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About Us

The Elder Board

The Board of Elders consists of qualified male members who are recognized by the local body to serve as Elders in the guarding, directing, and administering of the work of God at Bayview.

Their duties include oversight of all church ministries, activities, and programs; and the Spiritual and physical care and direction of Bayview Bible Chapel under God's prompting.

More specificly, areas of care and oversight for Elders include worship, ministries to men, families, youth, church fellowship, music, education, finances, prayer, outreach, missions, widows, orphans, and the needy.

Elder's attend primarily to the spiritual needs of the church while overseeing those who minister in other ways.

Current Elders:

Terry & Jorja Auten


Terry Auten (Chairman)

Terry and Jorja are charter members of the church. Each is very active in the church and devoted to living out the Christian faith.

Interests: hunting, fishing, and sightseeing across this great country.


Don Gardner (Secretary)

Don and Cindy Joined the church in 2007 bringing years of church experience, quick smiles, and Tennessee accents to the mix.

Interests: cooking, boating, and lending a hand to anyone in need.

Ben, Michelle, Vanessa, Simon, and Jeremiah McLachlan  

Ben McLachlan (Pastor)

Formerly Youth Pastor to the church, Ben and wife Michelle have returned (this time with children!) to take the role of shepherd for BBC.

Interests: video/photography, web design, music, marksmanship, and family outings.


Alvin Wilke

Alvin and Patty know church ministry from the inside out filling a wide variety of roles as needed.

Interests: wildlife, reading, and antiques.