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Wedding Policy

One of the services Bayview Bible Chapel provides is to conduct weddings. However, the main purpose of this church is to proclaim the Word of God, and to glorify Him. Therefore, only weddings that we believe will glorify God will be performed here. If you would like to be married by a Pastor of Bayview Bible Chapel, please read on and then contact us.

Wedding Guidelines


Marriage is a life-long commitment, and not one to be taken lightly.  To help ensure your successful marriage, you are required to go through a premarital counseling program with the pastor that will require several sessions.


Scripture teaches that it is wrong for a person that is saved to have close fellowship with someone who isn't (2 Cor 6:14-15).  While God can and sometimes does bless such unions, this church will not perform weddings in disobedience to this instruction.

Divorce and Remarriage

Scripture teaches clearly that God hates divorce (Mal. 2:16; Matt. 19:3-6), but also that sometimes God allows divorce.  Also, even a divorce in disobedience to God is not unforgivable.  Divorce may or may not disqualify you from being married at BBC, at the pastor's discretion.


Bayview Bible Chapel does not own the facilities we use. The bride and groom are responsible for their own arrangements, rental, and cleanup along with all related expenses.

Proper Decorum

All aspects should be such as are appropriate to Christian Family events including: attire, music, dance, food and drink.