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Men's Ministry

Men's Ministry

Through Bible Study, work projects, and even "play" we seek to strengthen and embolden the men we come in contact with to be men of God. Contrary to apparent modern perception, church is not only for women and children, nor are men who attend bereft of manliness. A man need not sacrifice his personality to join a church.

Quite the opposit is true, if we follow the Biblical pattern. The very traits men value most- courage, strength of will, leadership, desire for action,etc.- are what first built the Church and it is those things, yielded to the Lord, that will build a strong and effective church now.

The church needs men willing to stand up and take the lead in service to Christ. Men who will not be afraid to defend the faith. Men who will set an example of integrity in Godly living in a world that mocks such morals.

Will you be such a man?