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David & Ashley Petersen: Testimonies

God At Work Recently-

This past year has been one of much change and seeing God work miracle after miracle. In the last year we finished training with Moody Aviation, went through the evaluation and application process with MAF, and were accepted and assigned to the east DRC program. For the last six months we have been raising support full time and had the privilege to see God provide for our every need. Also during this time we have been corresponding with MAF in Congo hearing how God is rebuilding the program following the second Congo war and using this ministry to impact the Congolese people with the hope and healing of the Gospel. Specifically MAF in east Congo has been heavily involved this year with reconciliation ministries to help stop the unending conflict between different people groups as well as facilitating the work of Doctors Without Borders across the region. We have seen God at work in sending us to the field this past year and we are excited for the journey ahead.